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Thread: Bearded Dragon abuse!

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    It is so agravating to see this kind of thing I've been into a pet store to find like 100 fish crammed into a tiny, dirty, tank with several dead fish floating at the top. Its sickening :evil: I want to get a job there just to try and educate them and make them take better care!
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    It is a terrible thing to see poor quality pets. And if you "pity buy", the store will only view it as sale and replace it with another animal.

    The best solution usually is to contact the local branch of the state wildlife agency since they regulate wildlife sales and permits. You can contact local consumer reporters and spread word of mouth advertising.
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    This kind of stuff drives me insane. I work at a local and family pet store and we constantly have people coming in noting how wonderfully clean and well taken care of our animals are. It infuriates me, because there are three other pet stores within a 20 mile radius and all of them have problems. If you walk into Manchester's PetCo, they have an Argentine Baby about 7 inches long, feisty as ever in the equivalent of a 15 gallon tank, and the fat kid that works there just shrugged and told me he wasn't big enough to eat pinky mice yet. The poor thing is living on nothing but crickets. :(
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    Quote Originally Posted by txrepgirl View Post
    I know how you feel.Go give them a piece of your mind.We had a pet store here in town ( Petland ) and they had a red Argentine Tegu baby in there and they had it on pellets.I was so upset.I brought in some cypress mulch and gave them some infos.But they still didn't take good care of him.Well long story short.A lot of people compaint ( on our local news / toubbleshooter ) and they closed that place down.Thank God for that.
    Wasn't that the place that sold sick puppies?

    When I go into Petco I always educate people looking at Bearded Dragons before they can get to the employees. One girl even brought in a very small Bearded (in dead winter) with MBD. Did she think Petco would fix it?!


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