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Thread: Bugs? Flys? Gnats? Moths? Mosquito Hawks?

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    Default Bugs? Flys? Gnats? Moths? Mosquito Hawks?

    Does anyone have an issue with insects in their cages? Any help with flys? or is it just the time here in San Diego, CA? =) Thanks!
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    Im having the same trouble. Today i got home and saw a bunch of flies all over the place. What could be the reason for that? Could anyone share some input?

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    Sometimes insects will lay their eggs in the mulch before it's packaged or while it's sitting on the shelf in the store, or in your home. I got bugs on occasion in the early days. Then I started baking the mulch, sprayed with water, before putting it in the enclosure. This killed any bugs or eggs. The only infestation we've had that was spontaneously generated in the terrarium was when a batch of teensy baby crickets all hatched one day. Cute as they were, we tossed out all the substrate and started over. You pretty much have to with bugs, IMO, or they can torment your tegu.

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    I recommend spot cleaning the enclosure every day or as soon as you see your Tegu poop. If you have any food that you didn't eat or fresh fruits in your kitchend this will bring in the flies ( through the window or doors ). Then when your Tegu poops they will smell that and get into the enclosure. In case your Tegu has the runns I recommend feeding some frozen/thawed rodents. If the stool still doesn't get back to normal your Tegu might have a parasite problem from the bugs in the mulch.

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    Are mosquito hawks the same as crane flies? Big leggy flying things? We always seem to have bugs here in FL. Right now mosquitoes are awful! I try to change the water frequently. The little black flies might be carrion flies. (?)
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    I live in San Diego as well and am having the same problem! Flys are everywhere! so are the mosquito hawks. i think its just that season.. Ive noticed that they come around when its getting warmer.. What I do is use Windex... it makes the flys fall right out of the air and then you can pick them up with a papertowel...

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    I got little worms that looked like butters or wax worms once. Just gotta get rid of the whole mess and start fresh. Baking sounds like a really good idea though. People bake wood branches and other things to sanitize them before using them, so it makes sense it would work for the substrate as well.
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